A Spanish Spokesperson video is a type of promotional video widely used in video marketing, which, through a professional presenter, will explain your business, adapting its tone and expression to your target audience.

This type of video is ideal for explaining to your potential client how your service works and the problems you will solve for them.

Its 3 main benefits are:

Benefits in your RRSS

Social Networks give more visibility to the content that manages to keep the viewer as long as possible and you can also build a quality audience.

Benefits on your website

Google gives higher SERP positions to pages that have a LOW bounce rate. A Spokesperson video will accomplish that.

Is trustworthy

Your audience will feel more secure with your proposal if it comes from a real person.

Advantages offered by a Spanish Spokesperson video

  1. A Spanish Spokesperson video is a powerful storytelling tool that, with the right tone and body language, will create mental images in your audience.
  2. Videos that are based on reviews and product demos become much more engaging with a Spanish Spokesperson video. Once again, the trust factor is key, because you don’t just see a process, you see a person carrying out that demonstration and explaining it to them. This creates an effect similar to a friend recommending a product/service.
  3. The honesty in a message is judged through the face, and the tone of voice helps to judge its truthfulness. Since a spokesperson video combines both, your message becomes more credible.
  4. It’s a video model optimized to project brands as more human. By giving your brand a face and a voice, you can bridge the communication gap and build better relationships and emotional connection with your audience. People judge by appearances, and your company will be judged by the face you present to the world.
  5. It is the best way to give the greatest amount of information in the shortest possible time.
  6. Greater commitment: the spokesperson can transform an organization from being an “it” to a “we”. His job is to foster a feeling of trust and credibility in an organization. The role of a spokesperson is to remove the psychological obstacles within the mindset of the audience and gain the support of the listeners. Ultimately, her role is to create a trusted environment where customers not only listen, but believe every word.
  7. Over the years, the actor has developed high reliability in front of the camera, impeccable diction, is clear and precise in his language and gives off a magnetic charisma.

How can I use a Spokesperson video to reduce the bounce rate on my page?

To achieve a better impact on your target audience: choose a tone of voice, background and clothing that fit your brand.

Write an optimized script for your video. Remember to include keywords in the script, as a keyworded transcript has a higher chance of increasing your video’s visibility and therefore getting a higher ROI.

The keywords or keywords are what people will put in search engines to find your service. For example for the service that I offer some keywords would be: Video spokesperson, Virtual spokesperson, Web spokesperson, Spokesperson model, Virtual actor, Website person, Online spokesperson, Web presenter, Video presenter, Website presenter, Web Video Host, Promo Video Host, Live Actor, Website Video Actor, Live Virtual Actor.

Technical characteristics of the video you will get

Delivery time: 5 to 7 calendar days.

Format to choose: Full HD 1080p or 4K for Youtube / Square format for Instagram / Vertical format for Instagram and Facebook

High-quality sound without clicks or reverberations.

What can I do with a Spanish Spokesperson video?

You can

You can´t

How do I contract the Spanish Spokesperson video?

  • Count the words of your script

    You can paste the text of your script in the box below, and hit "count words"

  • Fill the form

    Now that you know the number of words, fill in as many fields as you can and attach the necessary files, it is IMPORTANT that you attach the script file.

  • Send it

    Once you have filled in the fields and attached the files you consider necessary, send the form and we will answer you in less than 12 hours.

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